RECOUP Therapy Schedule

  • The working hours at all centres is 6:00 am to 10 pm. RECOUP is open all 365 days a year. Limited services are available on Sundays, some Public Holidays and during RECOUP's training days.
  • Prior appointment is essential for all Physical Therapy sessions.
  • If you wish to speak to your therapist please call the clinic's land line number. If the therapist is busy treating a patient, he/she will return your call as soon as possible. Else, please communicate by SMS or by email (using the official email ID). The therapist is not allowed to receive phone calls on mobile phone during work hours.
  • All clients must sign an informed consent form before starting Physical Therapy for the first time. Clients will be asked to fill out a progress chart periodically to fulfill our documentation requirements.
  • Female clients can choose to be treated by a female therapist. When male therapists treat female clients, it is essential that another female therapist, nurse or attendant is present in the same room during therapy.
  • You should reach the clinic at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session. It is entirely your responsibilty to arrive in time, otherwise your treatment session may be cut short.
  • It is mandatory to keep up your follow-up schedule to consult me (usually after 5-6 sessions of therapy), because all clinical decisions concerning your treatment would be made during this review. Also prescriptions for medicines, decisions regarding further investigations and issue of any medical certificates will happen during this review.
  • Please do not discontinue follow up with me or therapy even though your symptoms are reduced/alleviated, because several stages/techniques of rehabilitation of RSI/MSD (e.g., strengthening, aerobic conditioning) may be required even after you become pain free. Missing out on some of these steps would invite a relapse of symptoms.
  • Each therapy session lasts 30 minutes for adults and 40 minutes for children. If your require a longer session, please ask for two consecutive treatment sessions while making the booking.
  • It is common to have increased muscle soreness or shifting/varying symptoms after the first few sessions of therapy. Your therapist will recommend self-help measures to help you overcome these.
  • If you have upper respiratory infection (e.g., runny nose, throat pain, acute cough, fever, etc.) please report it to your therapist. Therapy around the neck in the presence of upper respiratory infection frequently flares up musculoskeletal symptoms.
  • The cost of each therapy session of 30-40 minutes at RECOUP varies between Rs. 250 to 400 (approx. $ 5 to 8 USD). Discounts are available for needy cases, e.g., low socio-economic status, unemployed status due to RSI or Senior Citizens. Please feel free to discuss with the Manager Administration or the respective Centre Manager if you require financial assistance. As a comparison, similar therapy in USA costs $200 per session.
  • For any clarifications regarding the functioning of the clinics or if there is any problem in booking an appointment, please contact Mr. Bijoy Kumar Dey (Manager-Administration, RECOUP) on +91-9379777976 or


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