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Ergonomic Products

This section is meant as a one-stop resource centre for ergonomic and healthcare products for our clients suffering from Musculoskeletal Disorders. Some products can be directly ordered online using an international credit card and I would recommend using the product during the free trial period before making payment. Many of the products are offered at discounted prices especially for my patients (if ordered through this website).

1. Stretch Break Software (version 5.8)

I consider this one of the most sophisticated, versatile and user friendly break reminder software currently available. The important features of Stretch Break (usually lacking in freeware) include:

  1. Users can control how long the animations pause at their "stretch point."
  2. They may also select a less intrusive Time-to-Stretch reminder. This option reduces the size of the reminder and moves it from the center to the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Includes a Smart Timer Option that modifies the time between breaks based on keyboard and mouse activity.
  4. It also allows users total control over the sequence of the stretches that appear on the screen.
  5. Contains guidelines for setting up an ergonomically correct workstation as well as a series of hints on how to avoid injuries when using your computer, e.g., how to substitute keyboard strokes for mouse movements.

Price: Our clients can purchase Stretch Break at a special price of $15 (USD), against the usual selling price of $45 (USD). First download the evaluation version at the Para Technologies web site. Then you can purchase the registration code here.


2. Back Buddy, Lumbar Roll, Versatile Seat, and Contoured Pillow

Back buddy is an adjustable and portable support for the lower back and can be applied on any chair, sofa or car seat. It includes an anatomically designed moulded foam lumbar cushion with a built-in tempered wire spring, which provides postural correction by reproducing the curve of the lower back. Back Buddy has undergone an extensive trial with the Indian Air Force under a project "Backache among Chetak Pilots". The Indian Air Force endorses this product.

Lumbar Roll is a cylindrical moulded foam cushion with a built-in tempered wire spring, designed to give added lumbar support in a car seat or office chair. An adjustable strap lets users secure the roll to the chair or car seat.

Versatile seat is a triangular wedge cushion (tapered 12 degrees) that is used to sit upon. The slight downward incline promotes proper posture of lumbar spine, unloads the tailbone (coccyx), improves blood circulation in the legs and allows the computer operator to easily slide his/her thighs under the keyboard/mouse tray. Both the items can be used together.

Contoured Pillow is designed to provide support to the head, neck and spine and keep it aligned with the rest of the body. It is made from double density polyurethane moulded foam.

Item Price*
Back Buddy (Standard) Rs. 2300 or $57 (USD)
Lumbar Roll (4") Rs. 725 or $ 18 (USD)
Versatile Seat Rs. 820 or $ 20 (USD)
Standard Back Buddy and Versatile Seat Rs. 3120 or $ 77 (USD)
Contoured Pillow Rs. 1185 or $ 29 (USD)

* Courier charges extra.

To order: contact me with your mailing address, contact phone number, colour (brown, blue or black) and number of items desired.


3. Massage Device Set

Includes 5 items, that are useful for deep tissue self-massage of neck, back, and upper and lower limbs.

Price: Rs. 300 per set (courier charges extra) This item is available for shipping only in India

To order: contact me with your mailing address, contact phone number, and number of sets desired.


4. Intellipointer mouse software

IntelliPointer is ergonomic mouse software that reduces hand movement and strain. IntelliPointer allows for precise and smooth movement of the mouse pointer with a small, slow movement of the hand. Intellipointer helps in RSI prevention by:

  1. Allowing you to move your hand in its comfort zone
  2. Reducing the amount of hand movement
  3. Eliminating the need for accelerated or fast movement of your hand
  4. Eliminating frequent mouse lifting and repositioning

To download the evaluation version or to buy the product click here

Price: $ 29 (USD)


Disclaimer: The prices indicated here are subject to change. Please note that in most cases the order will be forwarded to the manufacturer who will contact you regarding the payment mode and delivery options. All enquiries regarding delivery and after sales support, etc. should be directed to the supplier and I take no responsibility for the same. My role is solely to facilitate the purchase by offering a platform for these products.

This is just a small selection from a vast array of products that I consider useful to my patients in the Indian context. Vendors who wish to offer their products and others with product suggestions are welcome to contact me.