Your first RSI Consultation

This is a checklist of things to do before you visit me for your first consultation:

  1. If you have pain of a generalised nature or in the neck/upper limbs, take a print out of the Musculoskeletal Disorder Evaluation Form and bring the completed form with you. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM .
  2. If you have pain confined to the lower back, take a print out of the Low Back Pain Evaluation Form and bring the completed form with you. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM .
  3. Have someone take photos of you sitting in front of your computer from the front, back, left, and right sides. Make sure that the monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair and your entire body is clearly visible. Your fingers should be placed on the middle row of keys when the photo is taken. Another photo should show you holding the mouse. Avoid black clothes and wear clothes that contrast with the background. Roll up your sleeves till above the elbows. Try to get the prints along so that I can make recommendations about your workstation set up. Alternatively, you may send the photos by email or save it on a CD and hand it to me for later review.
  4. Bring details and reports of all the treatment or tests (including x ray and MRI films, if available) you have undergone earlier. If yours is a long-standing problem, it would be helpful to write down the important events (e.g., symptoms, treatment, progress) in chronological order.
  5. You may write down the questions you wish to ask during the consultation.
  6. Take a print out of the Daily Pain Chart and bring the completed charts with you when you make a follow-up visit. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART. This is helpful in describing how much pain or discomfort you are feeling, and helps you keep a record of how well the treatment is working, especially if your condition is long-standing or widespread. Write the information in the chart every day, file it and bring it with you for your next appointment. This form is NOT required during the first consultation.

Please try to come prepared so that you receive maximum benefit from your consultation. It also makes things quicker, easier and clearer for us. However, all these steps are OPTIONAL and please do not unduly delay your appointment for the sake of these.

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