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RECOUP Certified Courses

The following courses are under preparation stage and could be offered sometime in 2009:

  1. Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders, e.g., Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction (MSD Course) (Online or Distance Learning and Contact Seminars)
  2. Functional Rehabilitation of a Child with Neurological Impairment (Online or Distance Learning and Contact Seminars)
  3. Ergonomics Course (Online or Distance Learning)

Suitable Candidate: Physician (Orthopaedist, Physiatrist, Paediatrician, Occupational Health, etc.), Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, or other Rehabilitation Professional intending to specialise in the above specialties.

Duration of each course : 6 months

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Educational Objectives :

MSD Course

By the end of the training period, the trainee should be able to

  1. Elicit and document a comprehensive history, emphasising the predisposing factors for myofascial pain
  2. Perform and document a thorough musculoskeletal examination
  3. Perform and document a thorough workstation ergonomic assessment
  4. Education and correction of contributory and perpetuating factors (posture, diet, stress, harmful habits, etc.)
  5. Perform neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, positional release techniques, soft tissue mobilisation, Kinesio and Endura Taping, and adjunctive techniques, under supervision

    Features of the training :

  • In-depth study of basic and clinical research knowledge available on connective tissue and fascial system, muscles, myofascial trigger points, causes and patterns of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and therapeutics
  • Basic design and publication of a clinical research study

Details of the other courses will appear here shortly.

Certificate : Please note that this training is not an academic qualification and hence it has no university affiliation. The candidate is required to pass a written and practical test for MSD and NDT/SI Courses, and an online examination for Ergonomics and Learning Disability Courses before being awarded a certificate by RECOUP.

Future career prospects : In India there is an immediate requirement for at least 1000 trained therapists to cater to the existing cases of RSI, MSD and Childhood Disabilities that we know of in various metropolitan cities. Currently there is no structured training available in India for doctors and therapists in the management of these conditions. If the performance of the trainee is satisfactory, a position at RECOUP or at various top IT/ITES Companies in the country may be offered.

Selection of candidates for the course will be based on interview.


Contact us if you wish to be informed once further details are available.

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